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cannabis for lyme disease

Author of “Cannabis for Lyme Disease: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use” –written after healing myself from Lyme and a plethora of co-infections using a homemade cannabis recipe tailored to killing Lyme disease.

You can get my book from B&N, Amazon, Walmart, Target and most major bookstores 


shelley m white herbalism yoga cannabis for lyme


* Herbal consultations for Lyme disease, complex bacterial infections, and other chronic illnesses

*Ayurvedic yoga therapy, herbalism, and nutrition

*Diet and Nutrition

ALT= "heart based living"

Yoga Lessons

*Yoga instruction, private or group sessions

*Yoga therapy (in person or telemedicine. **optional: Ayurvedic based therapy)

*Yoga for autism and sensory disorders (free)

To book a consultation, yoga session, or for any inquiries regarding writing, editing or speaking engagements, please contact me through email via contact@shelleymwhite.com

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