Fearless Healing: Finding Strength Within Weakness

The world constitutes strength as possessing physical power, societal power, and financial power. In illness, we learn great insight and wisdom on this subject. We learn what most do not learn until they are elderly. Strength has nothing to do with muscles, fame, or fortune. It has everything to do with facing unimaginable heartache after

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Losing Friends Due to Illness

As time goes on, you begin to forge close relationships with people from all over the world who have the same illness as you. These people may be far away, yet nonetheless you share a closer bond with them than people you have known your entire life who live close by. You lean on each

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Emotional Numbness: The Difference Between “Depression” and “Lyme Depression”

There is severe depression, and then there is Lyme depression -which, for many with Lyme, is not actually depression at all. It is emotional numbness but they do not know how to describe it, much less care to whilst in a numb state. So when they see they their Lyme specialist or any other doctor

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How To Stay Fit When Dealing With A Disability 

Subcategory Navigation Running has always been one of my greatest pleasures. Not in a competitive way — no, always alone, outside, with the wind hitting my face. Running has always been my preferred form of meditation. Like all things I cherish, I kept running to myself and did it as a pastime. For me, the

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Chronic Illness & Depression: It’s OK to be Happy When Chronically Ill (Although Society Often Says Otherwise)

Chronic Illness & Depression: It’s OK to be Happy When Chronically Ill (Although Society Often Says Otherwise)

It’s an unspoken truth, one known on a deep level by both those who are chronically ill and on both a deep and oftentimes surface and very obvious level by those wh are not ill: People with chronic illnesses are not supposed to be happy. If they are, it means they want to be sick,

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Negative Emotions: What Do We Do with Them? How Do We Get through the Hours of Excruciating Pain and Darkness?


Navigating your way through the haze of chronic Lyme disease is a feeling which words do not exist for. You cannot imagine it or describe it, only experience it. It’s as if you are navigating through MULTIPLE illnesses simultaneously –MS, A.L.S., depression, anxiety, A.D.H.D., schizophrenia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, Malaria, bipolar disorder

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The Toll Chronic Illness Takes on Relationships

the toll chronic illness places on relationships

Whether we want them to or not, our relationships with our loved ones change dramatically throughout the course of chronic illness including our relationships with friends, family members, and/or romantic partners. Sometimes, we lose all. Sometimes, we grow closer to all. Better yet, sometimes we keep the good and let go of the bad. Unfortunately,

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Lyme Lessons: For those who brave the dark side of the moon

I do not know what the future will bring, but I know it is a future worth fighting for. I do not know if I will always be sick, but I know healing is something worth pursuing. I do not know if the majority of my life will incessantly consist of the same four walls,

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Opening Your Heart Center: How to Navigate the Obstacles of Heart Based Living

heart center heart based living heart brain connection

Opening your heart center to engage in heart based living can greatly increase the richness and joy of your life. But it is important to be aware that you may face obstacles when journeying into the realm of heart based perception. That way, you can learn to navigate the common obstacles of heart based living so you know what to do if you are faced with them.

Health Benefits of Chlorella

chlorella benefits detox lyme

Personal experience and research has proven Chlorella to be one of the most important life sustaining and healing agents available to us. It contains a higher content of chlorophyll than any other food source. Chlorophyll is the naturally occurring molecule in plants responsible for giving them their green color and for making photosynthesis, and therefore

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Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation: Improve Your Life With This Short, Simple Daily Meditation

ALT="meditation benefits"

Purchase The Essential Guide To Starting A Home Meditation Practice Here …Course is offered on a donation basis. Pay only what you can comfortably afford to get started. Course will be sent to you within 12 hours (at the most) upon payment. Typically, it is sent within 30 minutes to an hour, if not sooner.

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How Yoga Reduces, and Often Entirely Eliminates, Chronic Trigger Point & Muscle Pain

ALT=“benefits of yoga”

Yoga’s ability to shift the nervous system out of the stress response and into the relaxation response is vital to people whose central nervous systems are sensitive, hyped up, and overstimulated —such as the case is in Lyme, lyme co -infections, and related or complex wide spread systemic diseases and conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,

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Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression

“IAPH therapists have found that anxiety can be very effectively treated using pure hypnoanalysis and issues can usually be resolved within 8 to 12 sessions.” -International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysis [1] – – – A few years ago, if you would have told me hypnotherapy works better for anxiety than any medication -and that it

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Yoga Pose for Anxiety, Insomnia, Stiff Legs, Brain Fog, and Back Pain

yoga pose for beginners seated bends

Benefits of Seated Straddle Fold: -Stretches the groin, hamstrings, spine and inner legs. The inner legs/thighs are often neglected, extra tense and in desperate need of a good stretch. This is especially true for athletes and weight lifters, anyone who works in an office or is seated most of the day for any reason, or

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