For the Young, Sick, and Brave

Regardless of how bizarre our rapidly changing dreams were growing up, one factor was most likely present in most: The visions of our futures most definitely did not include a life-changing illness, becoming debilitated at a time when our young peers are running marathons, being imprisoned during the years we somewhat ignorantly believed we were promised –and entitled to- freedom, falling completely dependent upon loved ones and caretakers at an age meant for independence, spending years in isolation during the very same years we once believed would be used for travel and exploration, losing ourselves the minute society taught us … Continue reading For the Young, Sick, and Brave

Hops: Nature’s Friendly Painkiller

As someone who has lived with chronic muscle, joint, and nerve pain, I am constantly on the look out for any effective natural pain relievers. Over the counter pain killers not only cloud my head, but they fail to take away my pain. In fact, drugs such as Advil, Motrin, Aleve, and Excedrin only put me in more pain, as I developed esophageal ulcers from using them. Feeling hopeless, I became convinced I would live in excruciating pain forever -until I found out about nature’s natural pain killer, that is. Perluxan, an extract found in hops, serves as an effective … Continue reading Hops: Nature’s Friendly Painkiller