Restorative Yoga For When You’re Sick or Stressed

This restorative yoga class is great for anyone who is sick or stressed out. In this practice we will calm the central nervous system and go within, allowing the body to dedicate all of its extra energy reserves towards the parts of you that need healing –whether they be mental, physical or spiritual.

In this 20 minute restorative yoga class for when you are sick or stressed, we will be doing a relaxing sequence to calm the CNS to allow your mind and body to place it’s energy towards healing and restoration.

So settle in as we melt away pent up tension and make way for healing and destressing in this 20 minute restorative yoga class for when you are sick or super stressed or overwhelmed.

In the video I’m using a few different props. If you don’t own any of them, don’t worry. You can simply substitute with items lying around your house.

For example, instead of a yoga bolster you could use one or two pillows off your bed. Instead of yoga blocks, use two books similar in size and shape; and instead of a yoga blanket, use any throw blanket or even a rolled or folded towel or two. Just get creative, and don’t let NOT having the props stop you from doing this video!


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  1. I enjoyed this yoga series. I have Chronic Lyme and find restorative yoga very helpful. My only suggestion is that you turn down the music. You have a soft voice and I often had trouble understanding you over the music.

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