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The Benefits of A Deep Stretch Style of Yoga: New Yoga Video

This healing, restorative practice is meant to provide a deep stretch, so we will be moving slower than in faster paced flow types of yoga such as vinyasa.

If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, a healing restorative yoga practice may be just the thing you need. Deep stretch yoga is great for helping to ground and balance you mentally and physically.  

Yoga for a deep stretch also has many physical health benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Boosting immune system health
  • weight loss in abdominal region
  • lowered stress due to decreased cortisol levels from yoga for a deep stretch
  • deep stretch yoga increases flexibility
deep stretch yoga
Yoga class for a deep healing stretch

For this Deep Stretch Healing Yoga class, you will need a bolster or a substitute such as a firm pillow, and two yoga blocks or something similar in size and shape such as two similarly shaped books.  

**If you do not have a prop, do not let it stop you from doing this Deep Stretch Healing Yoga practice.**

Get creative, and find something around the house that is similar in size and shape to the props we are using. I guarantee you have something that will work just fine!

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