Yoga is beneficial for the treatment of PTSD (for Yoga ASANA Journal)

Article originally published in ASANA International Yoga Journal

Yoga is beneficial for post traumatic stress disorder, and for releasing repressed emotions from trauma from the body for various reasons. Yoga helps people with PTSD or trauma related conditions by helping them manage stress levels, calming and balancing the central nervous system so they are less responsive to triggers, aiding in social reintegration, and helping them to come back into their bodies more fully since many people disassociate with their bodies as a subconscious reaction to the shock of a trauma.

Therapists commonly report observing noticeable benefits in patients with PTSD after they start regularly attending trauma informed yoga classes. Furthermore, they report that when yoga for PTSD is used as an adjunct therapy to their current therapy(ies), their patients display progress in recovery at a markedly quicker rate.

The Effects of Stress in Individuals with PTSD

Stress exacerbates symptoms of PTSD, often severely. Since yoga increases mindfulness, present moment awareness, and greatly reduces stress, it is an excellent tool for managing day to day stress to keep general stress levels under control so that when or if exposed to a trigger, an individual with PTSD will likely have more self-control and ability to remain anchored in the present moment rather than allowing the trigger to take them back to the past traumatic event it typically reminds them of. Continue reading…

article originally published by YOGA ASANA INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL