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Do you have Facebook? What about Lyme or any other long term illness or injury? If you answered yes to both, are you also interested in SAFELY incorporating yoga into your recovery? Sweet. I have something for ya.

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Now, onto the “ABOUT” part of this page…


Typically, this part goes a little something like this: “I AM a writer, author, yoga teacher/therapist, herbalist and nutritionist.” Unfortunately …because in reality I AM none of those things –those are just skills I have picked up along this journey called life that have paved what I do with my time, not who I am. So who am I? Well, to avoid an existential crisis on WordPress, I will just say I am Shelley White, and I am honored you stopped by for a peek at this part of my life –my creative life.

In short, a tick wanted to be friends with me and latched on behind my ear one beautiful spring day, and gifted me with severe debilitating neurological Lyme disease and virtually every co-infection, virus, and RETROvirus (come on now) that can come along with it –as well as many handful of the “rare” case conditions acquired from those infections …including multiple autoimmune conditions I had never even heard of before among other bizarre conditions whose existence I was previously unaware of. And that is my victim story. Just kidding.

Don’t get me wrong, it was shitty, but this is life ..and well, shit happens in one form or another to every single one of us. That has just happened to be my shit for the better part of my twenties thus far. The thing is, I am stubborn through and through, and despite traveling all over the country (the US) and undergoing multiple failed medical interventions from pricey doctors who promised they could “fix” me (…that was there first mistake, thinking I was broken), I began training as an herbalist and nutritionist and quit all conventional medicine.

No I was not able to do this because I had excellent cognitive abilities still. In fact, I had to relearn how to read and writer. I was able to do this thanks to the invention of sticky toes which filled my room and bedside tables. In the end this led to me treating myself for Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections –without speaking to a single healthcare practitioner– using medicinal herbs. After a year, I was roughly 80% better, and there was no way I was going to settle for that. So, I experimented. I had never heard of anyone using cannabis to treat Lyme disease back then …but a documentary was on one night and mentioned cannabis had over 700 healing properties. So, I figured maybe, just maybe, one of those 700(+) properties could take me from 80% to 100%.

It did.

As a result, I wrote Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use” to empower other individuals suffering from similar conditions to also take their healing into their own hands, as I firmly believe that in the end

we are our own healers, we are our primary care physicians.

I also actively contribute to, or have previously contributed to, various online and print publications, including Collective Evolution, Mind Body Green, Natural News, The Mind Unleashed, ProHealth, Natural News, SKUNK Magazine, Rawganic Vegan, Evolve and Ascend, Truth Theory, Public Health Alert, The Townsend Letter, and the Examiner.  My work is primarily centered around topics including cannabis, psychedelics, consciousness, yoga, self-help, depth work and natural health.

Aside from having experience writing and editing both articles and full length books, I have interned at a publishing company whose books were focused on entheogens and human consciousness. I have also worked as a ghost writer for many projects, and owned Public Health Alert Newspaper (which I turned into an online magazine) for over a year before passing it along –in that role I edited the work of my writers, designed and painted the website, and designed every issue of the magazine among various other tasks like email and social marketing.

My passion in life is undoubtedly broad yet focused –to help others by bringing to light hidden truths uncovered, and being vulnerable enough to share my own journeys and lessons learned, in the event that doing so will enable or inspire even just one single person to wake up to their innate genius within and take charge of their own health and, from there, the course of their entire life.

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