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Loneliness Causes Illness, but Illness Causes Loneliness …So What Can We Do?

illness and loneliness

Loneliness leads to disease. Disease leads to isolation, and thus loneliness. It’s a catch 22. What can we do?


Emotional Numbness: The Difference Between “Depression” and “Lyme Depression”

Lyme disease depression

There is severe depression, and then there is Lyme depression -which, for many with Lyme, is not actually depression at all. It is emotional numbness but they do not know how to describe it, much less care to whilst in a numb state. So when they see they their Lyme specialist or any other doctor

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Social Anxiety From Lyme Disease & Natural Treatment Methods

Lyme disease social anxiety herbs for lyme

Social anxiety can be severe and in itself debilitating, and is quite prevalent in patients with Chronic Lyme disease. herbs for social anxiety from Lyme disease It took me years to figure this out, as I suffered from such a severe case of Lyme induced social anxiety that attempting to connect with people who were

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How To Stay Fit When Dealing With A Disability 

exercise chronic illness disabilities and Lyme disease

Subcategory Navigation Running has always been one of my greatest pleasures. Not in a competitive way — no, always alone, outside, with the wind hitting my face. Running has always been my preferred form of meditation. Like all things I cherish, I kept running to myself and did it as a pastime. For me, the

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