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How To Deal With Feeling Lazy and Unproductive When You Are Sick

Lyme disease depression emotional numbness

Chronic Illness, Feeling Lazy, and The Drive to be Productive Often, when healing from a long term illness, we are quick to beat ourselves up and feel that we are lazy. However, that is not true! Too often, we make the mistake of focusing so much on curing ourselves that our efforts become counterproductive and

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Lyme Disease, Memory Loss & The Surrender Into The Intelligence Of The Deep Self

Lyme disease memory loss

“…the divine essence of the universe radiating through my soul. I do not have to see this truth. I do not have to hear it. In no way do I have to make an effort to remember it, because I always feel it …The beating of my heart is a constant kiss from my soul. …I

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How to Combat Lyme Rage

lyme rage

“Lyme Rage” and irritability is an all-consuming, misunderstood state of rage that can rip one’s life apart, most notably one’s close relationships. read more… …Also, try one any of these gentle or stress relieving yoga class, and/or a guided meditation, for blowing off steam and relieving Lyme Rage: Yoga Classes for Stress-Relief –> Click here

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How To Stay Fit When Dealing With A Disability 

exercise chronic illness disabilities and Lyme disease

Subcategory Navigation Running has always been one of my greatest pleasures. Not in a competitive way — no, always alone, outside, with the wind hitting my face. Running has always been my preferred form of meditation. Like all things I cherish, I kept running to myself and did it as a pastime. For me, the

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Cannabis for Lyme, Cannabis for Life 

cannabis for lyme shelley white

((Originally Published in SKUNK Magazine, Women In Weed Issue, as well as on their site here))  I remember the morning in May 2011 when the truth I had subconsciously scrambled to conceal from my very own self, the one stating I had a serious and rapidly progressing illness, fully saw the light of day for

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