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Pranayama Basics: Deep Abdominal Breathing Tutorial and Benefits

Feeling brain fogged? Anxious? Stressed? Then deep abdominal breathing is a technique you certainly want to check out! Deep abdominal breathing (also known by various other names such as belly breathing, brain breathing, equal breathing due to the fact inhales and exhales are kept equal in length, and diaphragmatic breathing) is the most basic form

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The Benefits of A Deep Stretch Style of Yoga: New Yoga Video

deep stretch healing yoga by shelley white

This healing, restorative practice is meant to provide a deep stretch, so we will be moving slower than in faster paced flow types of yoga such as vinyasa. If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, a healing restorative yoga practice may be just the thing you need. Deep stretch yoga is great for helping

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Try Restorative Yoga for Illness Recovery

This ✨✨✨RESTORATIVE YOGA: ILLNESS RECOVERY✨✨✨class is great for anyone who is sick or stressed out. In this practice we will calm the central nervous system and go within, allowing the body to dedicate all of its extra energy reserves towards the parts of you that need healing –whether they be mental, physical or spiritual. DESPERATE

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Yoga Pose for Brain Fog, Fatigue, And Focus

cat cow pose beginner yoga pose for focus

If you are plagued with brain fog and/or fatigue, yoga may be just the therapy you need –even if all you have is a few minutes to spare. Performing cat/cow pose for even just a few minutes can help alleviate brain fog and fatigue. The pose involves spinal flexion, thereby encouraging circulation of spinal fluid and

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7 Simple Yoga Stretches To Do Morning or Evening to Improve Health

1. Side Neck Stretch 2. Back Neck Stretch 3. Chest stretch (hands interlaced behind back) 4. Upper back stretch (Hands interlaced in front) 5. Half Split 6. Downward Facing Dog 7. Lizard Pose

Gentle Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Healing

yoga health benefits

Stressed? Anxious? Sick? Consider adopting a gentle yoga practice. Gentle yoga has a plethora of benefits for healing, anxiety and stress.