Services (Consults/Booking)

Services offered: herbal consults, nutrition consults, 1 on 1 yoga therapy sessions, or a combination of all 3 to create a total mind-body healing plan

  • Herbal Consultations (1 hour):

-New Clients $100

-Follow up visits: $85

  • Nutrition Consultations (45 Minutes):

-New Clients: $85

-Follow ups (30 minutes): $50

  • Private one on one yoga therapy sessions:

-Initial session (60-90 minutes): $100

** initial session includes at least 30 minutes of intake followed by at least 30 minutes of examination and physical practice. Expect to leave with “homework” , typically in the form of a personalized home yoga practice to start until our next session. Keep a journal of detailed notes about your practice for our follow up**

-Follow up sessions (60 minutes): $85

-Save with a package of 4 sessions (recommended for results, as one off sessions are rarely enough): $300

To schedule, send me an email regarding which type of consult you wish to schedule, and what dates/times you would like to schedule if available.

From there I will send you the information or forms for you to fill out and return at least 5 days before our session or consult, unless we schedule less than 5 days out. Payment is expected no later than 3 days prior to your consult or session, and will be canceled if not received. Please mark your calendar as a reminder.

Email: and/or shelleywhitem