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Herbs and Supplements for Memory and Cognitive Support During Lyme Treatment 

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Memory and cognitive dysfunction from chronic Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections can be severe. Once the infections have invaded the brain and central nervous system they are capable of causing numerous cognitive deficits, including short and long term memory loss, difficulty retaining new information, compromised ability to read and write, an inability to make

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Herbs for Seizure Support During Lyme Treatment 

seizures lyme disease treatment

Originally Published on Prohealth.com Over the years, I have dealt with both epileptic seizures and “Lyme-induced” seizures –I put the latter in parentheses because I consider Lyme-induced seizures to be a broad term for the non-epileptic seizures experienced by individuals with Lyme disease, as there are many other factors in the Lyme disease complex that

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How To Deal With Feeling Lazy and Unproductive When You Are Sick

Lyme disease depression emotional numbness

Chronic Illness, Feeling Lazy, and The Drive to be Productive Often, when healing from a long term illness, we are quick to beat ourselves up and feel that we are lazy. However, that is not true! Too often, we make the mistake of focusing so much on curing ourselves that our efforts become counterproductive and

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Social Anxiety From Lyme Disease & Natural Treatment Methods

Social anxiety can be severe and in itself debilitating, and is quite prevalent in patients with Chronic Lyme disease. herbs for social anxiety from Lyme disease It took me years to figure this out, as I suffered from such a severe case of Lyme induced social anxiety that attempting to connect with people who were

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What it is Like to Have Lyme Disease

Imagine everything that’s old always feels new. Imagine what was once familiar is now unfamiliar. Imagine waking up to an existence more surreal than your dreams. Imagine losing everything rendering nothing as everything. Imagine all of your lies meeting your truth. Imagine you would die to live what you once considered a nightmare. Imagine becoming

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New Book on Lyme and Cannabis: ‘Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Use’

My new book Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use is now available. You can learn more about it and read excerpts, table of contents, and more at http://www.cannabisforlyme.com. You can get a print copy of the book and/or an eBook via BioMed Publishing’s website (www.cannabisforlyme.com,www.lymebook.com) or Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Cannabis-Lyme-Disease-Related-Conditions/dp/098824375X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427499855&sr=1-1&keywords=shelley+m.+white). Taken from

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