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What it is Like to Have Lyme Disease

Imagine everything that’s old always feels new. Imagine what was once familiar is now unfamiliar. Imagine waking up to an existence more surreal than your dreams. Imagine losing everything rendering nothing as everything. Imagine all of your lies meeting your truth. Imagine you would die to live what you once considered a nightmare. Imagine becoming

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Accepting Your Diagnosis: How a Little Denial Can Be Healthy

“Accept your diagnosis. It is not healthy to live in denial.” Upon diagnosis, we begin to hear such statements quite often. While they may stem from good intentions, they often irritate us by making us feel misunderstood. This is normal for both parties involved, both the attempting helper and the unsuccessfully helped. Oddly, we receive

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The Toll Chronic Illness Takes on Relationships

the toll chronic illness places on relationships

Whether we want them to or not, our relationships with our loved ones change dramatically throughout the course of chronic illness including our relationships with friends, family members, and/or romantic partners. Sometimes, we lose all. Sometimes, we grow closer to all. Better yet, sometimes we keep the good and let go of the bad. Unfortunately,

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