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Herbs and Supplements for Memory and Cognitive Support During Lyme Treatment 

herbs for neurological Lyme disease , herbs for memory Lyme disease, herbs for brain and cognitive Lyme disease

Memory and cognitive dysfunction from chronic Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections can be severe. Once the infections have invaded the brain and central nervous system they are capable of causing numerous cognitive deficits, including short and long term memory loss, difficulty retaining new information, compromised ability to read and write, an inability to make

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Author & Energy Healer Healer Amy B. Scher Discusses Her New Book, “This Is How I Save My Life: From California to India, A True Story of Finding Everything When You Are Willing To Try Anything” 

I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Amy B. Scher’s latest book, “This Is How I Save My Life: From California To India, A True Story of Finding Everything When You Are Willing To Try Anything”. I also reviewed her last book on energy healing, and was blown away by it, and still

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Interview With Candace Moore: From Bedridden With Lyme to International Yoga Instructor, Author & Entrepreneur

interview with Candace Moore from yoga by Candace on healing Lyme disease and her life now

Few can argue that yoga offers a vast array of health benefits, and is especially helpful for easing tension and helping one feel more centered on all levels –physically, mentally, and spiritually. After getting Lyme disease, I was in dire need of such benefits, but often found that even “beginners” yoga videos or classes were

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List of Herbs for Organ Support During Lyme Treatment 

herbs for organ support during lyme treatment

Throughout the duration of treatment for Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections, I have been lucky enough to avoid any major organ damage. After my first year of treating Lyme disease with antibiotics, I began to feel as if I would seriously damage my organs if I continued with aggressive, long term antibiotic treatment. With

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Cannabis for Lyme, Cannabis for Life 

cannabis for lyme shelley white

((Originally Published in SKUNK Magazine, Women In Weed Issue, as well as on their site here))  I remember the morning in May 2011 when the truth I had subconsciously scrambled to conceal from my very own self, the one stating I had a serious and rapidly progressing illness, fully saw the light of day for

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