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Herbs and Supplements for Memory and Cognitive Support During Lyme Treatment 

herbs for neurological Lyme disease , herbs for memory Lyme disease, herbs for brain and cognitive Lyme disease

Memory and cognitive dysfunction from chronic Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections can be severe. Once the infections have invaded the brain and central nervous system they are capable of causing numerous cognitive deficits, including short and long term memory loss, difficulty retaining new information, compromised ability to read and write, an inability to make

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Energy Boosting Herbs and Supplements to Combat Lyme Disease Fatigue

treatment for chronic fatigue from lyme disease

Energy Boosting Herbs and Supplements to Combat Lyme Disease Fatigue Crushing, chronic fatigue is easily one of the most debilitating symptoms experienced by many patients with Lyme disease. It can manifest so severely that it causes serious limitations in literally every aspect of a person’s life, thereby decreasing their quality of life to a major

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Herbs for Seizure Support During Lyme Treatment 

seizures lyme disease treatment

Originally Published on Prohealth.com Over the years, I have dealt with both epileptic seizures and “Lyme-induced” seizures –I put the latter in parentheses because I consider Lyme-induced seizures to be a broad term for the non-epileptic seizures experienced by individuals with Lyme disease, as there are many other factors in the Lyme disease complex that

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Herbs to Increase Mental Health and Happiness 

list of 5 herbs to improve mental health, depression and anxiety

In the world we live in, the fostering of mental well-being is often put on the back burner, placing low on our list of priorities, if it makes it there at all. Partly, it is pushed aside because most people are taught from a young age not to show “weakness” in mentality, implicitly teaching us that the expression

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List of Herbs for Organ Support During Lyme Treatment 

herbs for organ support during lyme treatment

Throughout the duration of treatment for Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections, I have been lucky enough to avoid any major organ damage. After my first year of treating Lyme disease with antibiotics, I began to feel as if I would seriously damage my organs if I continued with aggressive, long term antibiotic treatment. With

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How To Boost Energy Naturally: Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are a great way to naturally increase energy

If I had my way about it, the word “Cordyceps” would be next to the word “strength” in the dictionary, due to the numerous strengthening effects the mushroom has on the body. Since I do not have my way about it (in the case, at least ;)), I will settle for telling you a little

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