Health Benefits of Chlorella

Personal experience and research has proven Chlorella to be one of the most important life sustaining and healing agents available to us. It contains a higher content of chlorophyll than any other food source. Chlorophyll is the naturally occurring molecule in plants responsible for giving them their green color and for making photosynthesis, and therefore life, possible. Photosynthesis converts water, carbon dioxide and energy from the sun into glucose, which is our number one source of fuel in life. Literally all life forms–animals, plants, and humans alike- gain their life sustaining energy from photosynthesis, a process virtually impossible without the … Continue reading Health Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella: A Natural Alternative to Cholestyramine

A few months ago, I began taking Cholestyramine   Initially, promising results manifested, clearing up my daily dreaded evening brain fog. As time went on, though, I came to equally dread taking it along with the two hours after doing so, because it put me in an incredible about of pain. The LLMD who prescribed it to me said, “your body will get used to it.” So, I pushed on, convinced I was being strong and braving the pain in order to heal. On the contrary, though, my health suddenly started to rapidly decline and I became much sicker. What … Continue reading Chlorella: A Natural Alternative to Cholestyramine