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Herbs for Seizure Support During Lyme Treatment 

seizures lyme disease treatment

Originally Published on Prohealth.com Over the years, I have dealt with both epileptic seizures and “Lyme-induced” seizures –I put the latter in parentheses because I consider Lyme-induced seizures to be a broad term for the non-epileptic seizures experienced by individuals with Lyme disease, as there are many other factors in the Lyme disease complex that

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Fearless Healing: Finding Strength Within Weakness

The world constitutes strength as possessing physical power, societal power, and financial power. In illness, we learn great insight and wisdom on this subject. We learn what most do not learn until they are elderly. Strength has nothing to do with muscles, fame, or fortune. It has everything to do with facing unimaginable heartache after

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Do You Struggle With Brain Fog From Lyme Disease? Then Check Out This Yoga For Brain Fog for Lyme Disease Video

Banish brain fog with this yoga for brain power practice This special video combining unique self healing tools to target Eliminate brain fog brain fog from Lyme disease, * Yoga for Brain Fog From Lyme Disease * , intelligently blends energy medicine with specific yoga poses for brain fog and mental clarity to create a

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Losing Friends Due to Illness

As time goes on, you begin to forge close relationships with people from all over the world who have the same illness as you. These people may be far away, yet nonetheless you share a closer bond with them than people you have known your entire life who live close by. You lean on each

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Interview With Candace Moore: From Bedridden With Lyme to International Yoga Instructor, Author & Entrepreneur

interview with Candace Moore from yoga by Candace on healing Lyme disease and her life now

Few can argue that yoga offers a vast array of health benefits, and is especially helpful for easing tension and helping one feel more centered on all levels –physically, mentally, and spiritually. After getting Lyme disease, I was in dire need of such benefits, but often found that even “beginners” yoga videos or classes were

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Yoga Pose for Brain Fog, Fatigue, And Focus

cat cow pose beginner yoga pose for focus

If you are plagued with brain fog and/or fatigue, yoga may be just the therapy you need –even if all you have is a few minutes to spare. Performing cat/cow pose for even just a few minutes can help alleviate brain fog and fatigue. The pose involves spinal flexion, thereby encouraging circulation of spinal fluid and

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