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Herbs and Supplements for Memory and Cognitive Support During Lyme Treatment 

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Memory and cognitive dysfunction from chronic Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections can be severe. Once the infections have invaded the brain and central nervous system they are capable of causing numerous cognitive deficits, including short and long term memory loss, difficulty retaining new information, compromised ability to read and write, an inability to make

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Herbs for Seizure Support During Lyme Treatment 

seizures lyme disease treatment

Originally Published on Prohealth.com Over the years, I have dealt with both epileptic seizures and “Lyme-induced” seizures –I put the latter in parentheses because I consider Lyme-induced seizures to be a broad term for the non-epileptic seizures experienced by individuals with Lyme disease, as there are many other factors in the Lyme disease complex that

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Do You Struggle With Brain Fog From Lyme Disease? Then Check Out This Yoga For Brain Fog for Lyme Disease Video

Banish brain fog with this yoga for brain power practice This special video combining unique self healing tools to target Eliminate brain fog brain fog from Lyme disease, * Yoga for Brain Fog From Lyme Disease * , intelligently blends energy medicine with specific yoga poses for brain fog and mental clarity to create a

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How To Deal With Feeling Lazy and Unproductive When You Are Sick

Lyme disease depression emotional numbness

Chronic Illness, Feeling Lazy, and The Drive to be Productive Often, when healing from a long term illness, we are quick to beat ourselves up and feel that we are lazy. However, that is not true! Too often, we make the mistake of focusing so much on curing ourselves that our efforts become counterproductive and

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Emotional Numbness: The Difference Between “Depression” and “Lyme Depression”

There is severe depression, and then there is Lyme depression -which, for many with Lyme, is not actually depression at all. It is emotional numbness but they do not know how to describe it, much less care to whilst in a numb state. So when they see they their Lyme specialist or any other doctor

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Lyme Disease, Memory Loss & The Surrender Into The Intelligence Of The Deep Self

Lyme disease memory loss

“…the divine essence of the universe radiating through my soul. I do not have to see this truth. I do not have to hear it. In no way do I have to make an effort to remember it, because I always feel it …The beating of my heart is a constant kiss from my soul. …I

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