Yoga Warm-Up Benefits: Try This Quick Video to Improve Health

this quick yoga warm up is great to warm up for the day or to warm up for a more intense yoga flow or other rigorous form of exercise!

Beginner Hatha Yoga: Relax, Rejuvenate & Restore

Today we will be doing a 20 minute Gentle Hatha Yoga Stretch To Relax, Rejuvenate & Restore. This gentle Hatha style of yoga is perfect for when you need a slower-paced, deep, relaxing, restorative stretch. Gentle Hatha Yoga Stretch To Relax, Rejuvenate & Restore This gentle Hatha style of yoga is perfect for when you…

Yoga Pose for Anxiety, Insomnia, Stiff Legs, Brain Fog, and Back Pain

Benefits of Seated Straddle Fold: -Stretches the groin, hamstrings, spine and inner legs. The inner legs/thighs are often neglected, extra tense and in desperate need of a good stretch. This is especially true for athletes and weight lifters, anyone who works in an office or is seated most of the day for any reason, or…

The Benefits of A Deep Stretch Style of Yoga: New Yoga Video

This healing, restorative practice is meant to provide a deep stretch, so we will be moving slower than in faster paced flow types of yoga such as vinyasa. If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, a healing restorative yoga practice may be just the thing you need. Deep stretch yoga is great for helping…

Try Restorative Yoga for Illness Recovery

Healing from Lyme disease, CFS or another long term illness and desperate for a way to speed up the process? Restorative yoga helps accelerate the healing process.

Yin Yang Yoga Fusion for Stress

In this Yin Yang Yoga Fusion class, we will be blending together both the mental principles and physical practices of yin and yang styles of yoga. Difference in Yoga Styles Yang styles of yoga are more fast paced, rhythmic, and flowy. Any sort of flow based, vinyasa style yoga class would be considered dominate in yang energy….