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Are you struggling to heal? Have you been to multiple doctors, and tried all the trendy treatment protocols for your illness? Have you traveled the country, or even the world, and wasted large amounts of money due to poor investments on false hopes from false promises of “miracle cures”? So have I.

After years traveling from one specialist to another to treat Lyme disease and then a wide array of new diagnoses which came after Lyme was “cured”, it turned out that I could travel to the furthest ends of the earth, to the highest priced doctor specializing in the illness I was fighting and I would actually only continue to stray further In the end, it turned out I could travel to the furthest ends of the earth and spend all the money possible, and that would actually only lead me further away from the direction I yearned for –the one leading to true, fundamental, lasting healing. The problem was occuring in my body, mind and spirit …meaning the only place I needed to go was within, with the help of a trusted herbalist, to tap into my body’s inherent wisdom and inner resilience to heal.

I’m Shelley White, and nothing feels me with joy like providing others with valuable information to improve their health and quality of life. As an herbalist, I provide herbal consultations for Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections, which I battled for many years, autoimmune conditions, which I still deal with, or other less complex illnesses.

My Healing Approach

I believe any healing modality must be highly individualized for each person, and should address all fundamental levels of the human body, mind and spirit. As a result, I also use my training in hatha yoga/therapeutic yoga and nutrition to address “dis-ease” and “dis-harmony” on all levels to restore mind-body-spirit balance.

True healing does not take place on the physical plane, or spiritual or even mental plane alone. All three must be addressed, as all three directly affect one another. An imbalance on one plane will disturb balance on the other two.

Thus, illness cannot effect only the physical body and require only a physical protocol or treatment; and mental illness never effects only the mind, as the hormones and neurotransmitters released are certain to have ill effects on the physical body, and without harmony and clarity spiritual imbalance occurs as well without exception.

Therefor, it is important for me to look at each person’s disease or ailments as entirely different than anyone else’s and unique to them alone, even if the diagnosis is the same as other clients. The diagnosis is only a title, a starting point, on the unique and rare map we will draw to reach the final destination of full healing on all levels, with balance and harmony restored mentally, physically and spiritually.

Since no two cases are alike, no two cases will have the same exact directions to get from dis-ease to ease (health). Even if very similar, the journey will have differences, even if only in the subtlest of ways.

Interested In Working Together?

What to Expect…..

When working together, I will approach your case from a fresh perspective and listen to the tiniest details of your state of disease to make an analysis and treatment and therapies protocol that is highly individualized to you, your bodily constitution, and your life circumstances.

I do not believe in cookie cutter approaches to healing. In my experience, if a generalized treatment protocol is seemingly curative for all with a complex health condition, it is only so for a duration of time. Symptoms are only relieved for awhile, but always return and manifest in either the same manner and degree of severity as before, or the condition returns and manifests in a slightly different and more severe nature.

This is the consequence of laziness in treatment, when problems are only addressed on a superficial level rather than on the deep fundamental levels where the root cause(s) exist, which only further pushes the toxins, bacteria, and components of your illness deeper into the tissues and only offers a brief relief in symptoms.

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Book A Consult

Email me, and briefly include the nature of your health condition(s). I will send you a detailed response within 24 hours regarding the specific information I need from you, as well as any forms I need you to fill out prior to our meeting. shelley@shelleymariewhite.com